Volunteer for Beach Cleaning

Can you Volunteer for Beach Cleaning?

If you want to do your bit for the planet and don’t mind wild camping. Then you may find becoming a volunteer for beach cleaning, on one of our projects very rewarding. Please email us to sign up for this years trip which is happening:

Depart: 27th August 2024

Return: 3rd September 2024 

Please read kit list

Typical Day as a Beach Cleaning Volunteer


People start to emerge from there tents. Early risers will have put a kettle on, and you can sit and look out to sea and drink your tea, or coffee. There are a few cookers that you can use, and a various tinned foods, dried fruit, and cereals available for breakfast. . . . we have become more confident with cooking, although some peoples breakfast choices are questionable . . . (see below).

a "questionable breakfast" consiting of toast, spicey beans, gherkins, pickled beetroot, and mustard
Questionable Breakfast

Campsite consists of a group of tents, and varying sizes. There is one large tent that everyone can fit in to for meals, and and some way off there is the toilet (a hole in the ground with a screen around it for privacy).


We start clearing up plastic. On the first day it is self explanatory, as to what the work is. There is plastic everywhere, small pieces like bottle tops and plastic straws, but also large tangles of rope, plastic boxes, old shoes, 1000’s of bottles. It could be demoralising work, but it pays to find someone you get on with and have a chat while you work. Some people listen to music or audio books (although you may have to download these).


Lunch. Depending on how far we are from camp, people sit down and have lunch. Someone may have brought a cooker out to the beach with them, and makes hot drinks.


Back to work. By this point of the day the group will have filled several large bags with plastic. These are dragged along the beach, or along tracks to a point where we can put them in a trailer.  And they may need towing to the skip, or the recycling centre. If we are going to the recycling centre (in a town or village) then offers will be made to see if anyone wants a trip out into the real world, to visit a shop etc.



Work Finishes for the day. Some people may carry on a bit, or do some driving jobs. We head back to camp, or some may go off to explore surrounding countryside. In Scotland there is a right to roam, so you can walk wherever you like within reason. Around 6pm we hopefully will be allowed to light a fire, and sit round it. Some people go chill in their tents, and listen to music or go on their phones (but there is not always signal) , other may read books. If there are vehicles nearby people are welcome to go and sit in them to chill out or listen to radio. People go to bed when they feel like it, but generally for the good of the camp everything is quite by 11pm.

Frequently Asked Questions about Beach Cleaning

There is a comments section below. Please ask any questions you like.

What does it cost to  volunteer for beach cleaning?

It costs nothing. We provide everything you might need. You would need to get to a pick up point on our route to Scotland, but apart from that, we will provide everything you need, in terms of consumables. Things like, sun cream, gloves, insect repellent, food, water, tents, roll matts can all be provided. Please tell us if you need camping gear so we can order extra if needed.

How hard do I have to work?

You only have to work, as hard as you like. You do not have to lift heavy stuff, you can sit down and rest whenever you like. Or lie down on beach to give you back a rest.

Can I leave if I am not enjoying it?

Yes you can. we can drive you to the nearest train station, but you would be expected to make you own way home from there. We are not able to pay for that travel, if you choose to leave.

Do I have to sign a disclaimer?

Yes. You will have to sign a disclaimer that frees the charity from responsibility, in case of your death or injury. We provide the means for you to come and help us, but ultimately it is you choice to come. We will look after you as best we can, and if you can think of anything you need you just ask and we will try and sort it out. Volunteering is not like work, we consider everyone who comes along as an equal, so you don’t have to do what you’re told, and rely on morals and integrity as the main driving force of the group.

What is the itinerary for the Trip?

Day 1 – Travel from Southwest Uk to Scotland

Days 2 to 6 – Beach cleaning. We have last afternoon off to go to the pub.

Day 7 – Drive back to Southwest UK. We can drop people off at any motorway service station ot, junction along the route.

Do I get paid?

Sorry we cant pay you. We don’t pay ourselves either. At present no bodies earns any wages in the charity. But you will get basic food, drink and accommodation arranged for you.

How many people volunteer for beach cleaning?

We are taking a minimum of two cars. Minimum of 8 people.

Do I have to be physically fit?

Yes you do. You need to be able to carry approx 10kg, over rough ground. Walk 3 or 4 miles per day. We drag a lot of plastic around, which is hard work. You can select lighter duties if you wish. If you have a bad back, then this is not the trip for you.

What if I get injured?

On out first trip, one of the group sprained her ankle. We took her to the hospital to get checked out. She was offered the chance to go home, but instead chose to stay. She sat on the beach and read books for the remaining few days. It depends on the injury of course but we will do our best to make the right choices.