Getting a Tough Job Done

People Against Plastic Pollution is a Plastic Pollution Charity. We focus on the removal of plastic pollution from the marine environments and coastal regions. In 2022 we removed 3 Bus Fulls (48 cubic meters / 1.7 tons) of plastic pollution from UK coastlines.

Please: We need Volunteers for our August 2023 Project.

Plastic Pollution on a Beach


What Do We Do?

Our Trustees, Members and Volunteers work hard cleaning beaches, one of the primary objects of our Plastic Pollution Charity. These beaches are often in remote challenging locations, across the UK.

The beaches are often riddled with plastic. Huge plastic tanks, plastic drums, and 10,000’s of small plastic items such as string, rope, and bottle caps, as shown in the above video.

Why Do We Care About Plastic Pollution?

We care because we believe plastic contamination of the land and oceans to be irreversible. It is also the next ecological disaster that we will soon see servere effects from , those old enough to remember DDT or PCB ecological disasters will understand how pollution in our environment builds up to a critical tipping point.

We can not help prevent primary microplastic pollution as this is a regulatory hurdle, that will have to be agreed by governments. If we can get larger plastics off of beaches before it is broken down into small pieces, that are too tiny to remove, then we are helping in some small way.

What Can You Do About Plastic Pollution?

There are a number of things you can do:

  • Write to Your MP About Plastic Pollution (Arm Yourself with some Facts First)
  • Go for a Walk on your nearest Beach and Pick Up Some Plastic
  • Pick Up Plastic Litter When Ever You Can
  • Do Not Buy Short Lived Plastic Items (Single Use = Bad)
  • Shop at Shops with Very Little Plastic Packaging
  • Volunteer with Us
  • Donate and Helps us Grow Our Projects
  • Share Content this Website on Social Media

Thanks Old Bean!

Whether you just read a few pages of this site, clean beaches yourself, or donate to our cause, we say thank you!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.”

(Quote routinely attributed to Edmund Burke.)