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Please donate to ocean plastic charity; People Against Plastic Pollution.  Donations enable us to carry out our good work. We remove at least 1KG of Plastic for Every £2.50 that is donated.


Buy Ocean Plastic Gifts

You can pledge £20 for a upcycled fishing crate , an ethical ocean plastic gift, by buying one on EBay. There will be a delay in delivery, as we will post them out to you after our project in August 2022. This offer extends to UK residents only. The boxes make great planters or storage boxes (image thanks to Catherine Payne). If you do not wish to buy a fishing crate please donate to ocean plastic charity.

picture of fishing trawler crates used as planters

Donate to Ocean Plastic Charity

pile of plastic on beach

1 KG of Plastic, left on a beach will break down in to billions of micro and nano plastic particles. It is urgent work that needs doing as soon as possible.

Our 2021 pilot project cost around £1500, and we removed around 1 ton of plastic (about 16 dumpy bag’s worth). So based on this we can remove 1KG at a cost of £1.50. This relied on us being able to dispose of waste for free at council run recycling centre, and willingness of land owners for us to wild camp on their land. We hope to find the same partnerships in our 2022 project, but cannot guarantee this. Hence the value of 1KG for £2.50. This allows for example for us to hire a lorry to take waste away for us, or to stay on a campsite. Hopefully if all goes well however, the figure will be closer to 1KG for £1.50, increasing the amount of plastic removed. Donate to ocean plastic charity! Please.