2023 Kit List for Beach Cleaning

Below is indicative kit list for 2023 beach clean.

Stuff You Should Bring

Rucksack – to hold stuff during day, and bigger bag suitcase for all you other stuff. If you have a big rucksack to put all you stuff in then just use that.

Boots (with ankle support and soles which will grip on rock, grass and mud)

Waterproof & windproof jacket (with hood)

Waterproof over trousers


3 Warm Tops

Warm hat

Mobile phone

Water Bottle for 2 litres water (empty pop bottle is OK)



Bowl Knife Fork Spoon Mug (We have some, but best to bring)

Socks x 5 PAirs

Wash Kit (likely only able to wash in sea however)

Phone battery charger pack (charging may be available in cars)

Stuff that Will be Provided


Food & Drink

Emergency Survival Bags

First Aid Kit

Rubbish Bags


Midge / Tick repellent

Midge Net



Toilet Tent

Water Containers

Cook / Eat / Lounge Shelter

Work Gloves

Cooking Gear

Washing Up Gear

Tape Measures

Let us know

We can get extra stuff, please let us know if you need:

Tent (would suggest one with good zips and mesh door to keep bugs out)

Sleeping Bags

Roll Mats